MDF powder coating


We indeed see that the end user is becoming increasingly aware of and familiar with the application of powder coating on MDF. It is quite a new technique, environmentally friendly, it is exclusive, strong, but still does not have to be expensive. In short, a variant in our range not to be missed out on.

The advantages of powder coating on MDF in short:

  1. 40% less expensive than wet coating
  2. Scratch-resistant topcoat
  3. Fast delivery (3 weeks)
  4. Seamless finishing all around
  5. High resistance to chemical maintenance products
  6. Infinite choice of colours
  7. Environmentally friendly application with recovery and the exclusion of solvents

Colour samples

Technical Information

Type of MDF: Egger MBPL

Max. dimensions: Horizontal 3,000 mm, Vertical 1,250 mm

  1. Pre-sanded and fully grease- and silicone-free.
  2. Suspension points pre-drilled (drill hole 3 and 15 mm deep), according to Houbolak’s instructions.
  3. Milling in to a depth of max. 30% of the total thickness.
  4. Corner sides must have a radius of at least 2°.
  5. Do not yet drill sunken hinges!
  6. Assembled pieces to max. 200 mm deep, with heat-resistant adhesive (140°c).
  7. Minimum height of trim and/or skirting: 100 mm with a length of > 1,000 mm.

Instructions for drilling the MDF to be powdered

With door fronts the suspension points can be drilled where the sunken hinges will subsequently be fitted.

With other surfaces such as sliding fronts, fitting pieces, visible sides, handle strips,… in short all panels where the rear is not visible, the following instructions are advised:

Horizontal length of the panel:

  1. Left and right 300 mm from the sawed edge
  2. In the middle between left and right drilling
  3. Vertical max. 50 mm from the sawed edge