Powder coating on MDF

Powder coating on MDF is a fairly new technique, environmentally friendly, it is exclusive, strong, but does not have to be expensive.

Wet painting of various materials

Wet painting is synonymous with scratch resistance, fullness and durability of the sprayed paint. Any desired color is possible, in matt or gloss lacquer.

Colouring and varnishing of wood

All types of wood can be stained. Softwoods cause more problems than hardwoods due to the presence of resin to a greater or lesser extent.

High gloss finish

High-gloss furniture is finished with a high-quality polyester lacquer.

Houbolak in Rijkevorsel is your specialist for the application of powder coating, wet coating, stain or varnish and high gloss on your material or furniture.

Houbolak is a pioneer in the field of MDF powder coating.
This in combination with our extensive experience in wet coating, staining, varnishing and high gloss work has helped to make the company one of the fastest growing businesses in its sector. Where powder coating is involved you won’t find a better place to go than Houbolak!

We work for private clients & professionals.