The history of wet paint factory Houbolak starts in 1994.

Houbolak was set up in 1994 by Walter Houben. For four years Walter carried out his work in Vlimmeren on premises measuring 375 m². A move soon appeared necessary because of the limited work space. Houbolak’s move took place in 1997. The company established itself in Wechelderzande with a triple capacity. There was also an investment in a second spray booth to satisfy the high quality requirements set by the customer.

In the meantime his son, Steven Houben, then just 18 years of age, joined the company. Increasing growth made a third extension inevitable. In 2001 the Houben family bought industrial premises in Rijkevorsel with a surface area of 1,500 m². And the plans to innovate continued. 2008 was a milestone for the company. The technique of powder coating MDF which was still in its infancy at the time attracted the attention of the two company managers. They together decided to make significant investments in a fully automated powder coating line for MDF. Looking back this was the right decision because the company could now offer all facets of colouring wood.

Groene poeder voor poedercoating - Houbolak Rijkevorsel

Now Houbolak is a pioneer in powder coating MDF. This in combination with their extensive experience in wet coating, staining, varnishing and high gloss work has helped to make the company one of the fastest growing businesses in its sector.